Meghan Markle Wrote About Kate Middleton and Prince William's Wedding in a 2014 Blog Post

The former actress admitted she never dreamt of being a princess.

Meghan Markle

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When Kate Middleton and Prince William were married on April 29, 2011, many people were fascinated by the real-life Disney fairy tale. Before Meghan Markle met Prince Harry and became a member of the royal family herself, the Duchess of Sussex wasn’t one of those people who was infatuated with princesses. While Meghan was still starring on Suits, the former actress wrote a blog post on July 7, 2014, on her lifestyle website called The Tig (named after he favorite Tiganello wine), and she shared her real opinion on royal weddings. Although the site shut down in 2017, the entry has since resurfaced in the British press and sparked conversations on Wednesday, February 15, 2023.

According to Daily Mail, Meghan wrote that she was tired of hearing about Kate and Will’s wedding. She mentioned that as a child, she never dreamt of being a princess and instead wanted to be like She-Ra, Princess of Power. “For those of you unfamiliar with the ‘80s cartoon reference, She-Ra is the twin sister of He-Man and a sword-wielding royal rebel known for her strength,” she said on her website. “We’re definitely not talking about Cinderella here.” The now-duchess added that many adult women are hooked on the possibility of becoming royalty. “Grown women seem to retain that childhood fantasy,” she wrote. “Just look at the pomp and circumstance surrounding royal weddings and endless conversation.”

After coming across Prince Harry’s Instagram account and going on her first date with the Duke of Sussex in 2016, however, her opinions on royal life started to shift. At first, since Harry ended up being late for their get together, it took Meghan a while to warm up to the idea of dating a royal. She started wondering whether Harry was “one of the guys who had so much of an ego that any girl would sit around and wait for a half hour for you,” Meghan admitted in her Netflix docuseries, Harry & Meghan. Once they finally met and stared talking, Meghan’s initial concerns were proven wrong. In her show, she described Harry as “refreshingly fun” and felt like they were “childlike together.” The date ended up being a success because later that evening, Meghan called Harry and asked whether he wanted to get dinner the next night. 

After their second date, Meghan told her friend Silver Tree that she was already crazy about Harry. The feeling was mutual for Harry. “That was when everything hit me,” the duke shared in the docuseries. “This girl, this woman, is amazing, everything I’ve been looking for. She’s so comfortable and relaxed in my company.” Since the two had such a strong connection right off the bat, things got serious pretty quickly. Their third date was a trip to Botswana, Africa, where they spent five days together and was a turning point in their union. They began a long-distance relationship, meeting up every two weeks, which usually looked like Meghan visiting Harry in London. Two years after they met, Meghan found herself marrying into the royal family, something she never envisioned a few years before.

In the couple’s Netflix show, Meghan opened up about running The Tig and how it provided her with a creative outlet and an opportunity to interview her famous friends. “I've never really been the type of person to do only one thing," she revealed. "I guess that's how my website was born. There was fashion. There was tons of food and travel. It was all the things I loved. And The Tig wasn't just a hobby. It became a really successful business." Once Meghan’s relationship with Harry became serious, she decided to close down the blog. 

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