Meteorite Wedding Bands: The Complete Guide

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When you think of a wedding band, the typical metals of gold, silver, and platinum probably come to mind. But what if you want something unique and different? Meteorite might just be the wedding band material for you.

What Is Meteorite?

Meteorite is a piece of a comet, asteroid, or meteoroid that passes through the atmosphere and reaches the surface of a planet or the moon. Experts estimate that meteorite material travels at an estimated speed of seven miles per second. 

Nothing formed on Earth is quite like meteorite. The material's striated design, known as a Widmanstätten pattern (figures of long nickel-iron crystals), is formed by bands of alloys called kamacite (nickel-iron found in meteorites) and taenite (a mineral found naturally on Earth, mostly in iron meteorites).

According to jeweler Ryan Atlas, what makes meteorite rings so special are their natural patterns, which are the result of nickel-iron crystals growing as the heated meteorite cools very slowly over millions of years. The resulting crystalline pattern is very distinct and unique. Jeweler Johan Rust compares a meteorite ring to a snowflake: no two are the same. “Meteorite is such a perfect material to incorporate into a ring to make it something extraordinary. After all, finding the perfect partner is a pretty astronomical feat!”

Meet the Expert

Ahead, Atlas and Rust explain everything to know about meteorite wedding bands.

Pros and Cons of Meteorite Rings

Considering that the material is rarer than platinum, meteorite jewelry has a surprisingly modest price tag. Rust says, “Pricing runs the gamut depending on the ring metal, amount of meteorite, and other materials in a design.” For a thinner, single inlay meteorite ring crafted in an alternative metal, you can expect to pay about $400. Precious metal meteorite rings are closer to $1,000.

As for durability, Atlas says considering meteorite rings are originally derived from an extinct planet’s core, several billions of years ago, the jewelry is extremely strong and resistant. Rust agrees, saying, "Meteorite is made up of metal elements, primarily metallic iron-nickel, making it very hard and durable on its own. When inlaid into a ring crafted in tungsten, titanium, or another hard metal, it makes for a ring that can withstand the tests of time.” 

A con, however, is that meteorite is prone to oxidization because it contains a high amount of iron. “As part of Brilliant Earth’s production standards, we apply a protective layer over the meteorite material in order to safeguard it from moisture," ensures Atlas.

What to Look for in a Meteorite Ring

Here are a few questions and answers you should know before choosing a meteorite ring.

  • What metals pair best with meteorite? “Meteorite has a natural, beautiful texture, and its striation provides each ring with a unique pattern of swirling gray hues. To complement this natural texture and finish, we like to pair it with a clean metal such as white tungsten that allows the meteorite to be the focal point, or with a bold metal such as black tungsten that creates a contemporary look,” explains Atlas. 
  • Are there different types of meteorite? The three main kinds of meteorite are Gibeon, which is composed of an iron-nickel alloy containing significant amounts of cobalt and phosphorus; Muonionalusta, an iron meteorite; and Lunar, which is known to have originated on the moon. 
  • How can I incorporate meteorite into a custom ring design? "Customers come in with an existing ring design from another jewelry store, and then we work together to find a way to incorporate meteorite into it to create a completely one-of-a-kind piece," explains Rust of his own experience. "This includes adding bezel-set diamonds within a meteorite inlay and using faceted meteorite stones for engagement rings.” 

How to Care for a Meteorite Ring

"Meteorite material isn’t something to wear unmindfully," cautions Rust. However, rusting can be prevented by protecting your ring with wax or oil, avoiding submerging it in water, and periodically using rubbing alcohol to clean and dry out your ring.

He also advises using a toothbrush and some regular toothpaste to remove any rust or grime. Next, soak your ring in some rubbing alcohol to dry out any moisture. Finally, seal the meteorite with some oil to protect it from rusting in the future. 

Ready to slip something one-of-a-kind on that finger? Read on for the best meteorite wedding bands.

Brilliant Earth Meteorite and Tungsten Tundra Wedding Ring

meteorite ring

Courtesy of Brilliant Earth

A distinguished band with a contemporary look, this mixed metal ring features a meteorite exterior, balanced with beveled edges and a polished tungsten interior.

Price at time of publish: $1,090

Jewelry by Johan Titanium Meteorite Women’s Wedding Band

meteorite wedding band

Courtesy of Jewelry by Johan

The thin titanium band showcases a gorgeous, genuine Gibeon meteorite inlay that has been etched to reveal characteristic patterns and Widmanstätten figures.

Price at time of publish: $409

Revolution Jewelry Cobalt Chrome Ring With Gibeon Meteorite Inlay

meteorite wedding band

Courtesy of Revolution Jewelry

This cobalt chrome ring features a polished finish and stunning Gibeon meteorite center inlay. The interior boasts an anodized titanium sleeve.

Price at time of publish: $1,802

Rob and Lean Damascus Steel Meteorite Ring

meteorite wedding band

Courtesy of Etsy

This stainless Damascus steel and meteorite ring has zebra-like lines that wrap around the band. The black and steel colors create a striking contrast. 

Price at time of publish: $330

Space Age Rings Meteorite and Dinosaur Bone Ring

meteorite wedding ring

Courtesy of Etsy

This ring is handmade with each piece of meteorite precisely placed to stand out. It also boasts both meteorite and dinosaur bone, while opal gemstones create a stained-glass effect on the black band.

Price at time of publish: $145 for Ceramic Beveled 4mm

Manly Bands The Rocket Man Titanium and Meteorite Ring

the rocket man ring

Courtesy of Manly Bands

This stunning ring is truly out of this world. This features a titanium band with a meteorite inlay that creates an eye-catching finish. Plus, this ring offers a domed design for a comfortable fit.

Price at time of publish: $575

Patrick Adair Designs Meteorite Ring

meteorite wedding bands

Courtesy of Patrick Adair Designs

Crafted from authentic Muonionalusta meteorite slabs, this band can be customized for width, profile, and liner. The natural properties of meteorites showcase a one-of-a-kind geometric pattern.

Price at time of publish: $1,100

The Men’s Jewelry Store Amboyna Burl Wood Gibeon Meteorite Band

meteorite wedding band

Courtesy of Amazon

This unisex band is hand-crafted with non-jointed amboyna burl wood and Gibeon meteorite overlays, separated by a 14K yellow gold pinstripe. 

Price at time of publish: $930

Manly Bands The Callisto Band

meteorite wedding ring

Courtesy of Manly Bands

This band features black zirconium (charcoal gray in color) with Gibeon meteorite inlay and a solid 14K rose gold accent. Plus, a flat design and beveled edges.

Price at time of publish: $1,875

Renaissance Jewelry Meteorite Ring in Titanium

meteorite wedding ring

Courtesy of Etsy

This stunning Gibeon meteorite band set is crafted with titanium sleeves. Each ring is acid-etched to bring out the brilliant Widmanstätten lines.

Price at time of publish: $1,051

Stone Forge Etched Muonionalusta Meteorite, Bloodwood, and Gold Ring

meteorite wedding ring

Courtesy of Stone Forge

The color contrast is eye-catching thanks to mixed materials including Gibeon meteorite, a metal band, and bloodwood. Choose stainless steel, sterling silver, rose, yellow, or white gold.

Price at time of publish: $632 

Lashbrook Cobalt Chrome Flat Band

meteorite wedding band

Courtesy of Lashbrook

This cobalt chrome flat band features 14K rose gold grooved edges and a meteorite center. It’s simple and chic for a modern groom.

Price at time of publish: $2,091

Stonebrook Jewelry Titanium Ring with Gibeon Meteorite

meteorite wedding ring

Courtesy of Stonebrook Jewelry

This Gibeon meteorite and alloy titanium band features a distinct crystalline structure on its surface. Flat in shape, it has a cool, sandblast finish. 

Price at time of publish: $1,379

Shane Co. Denali Textured Meteorite, Black Zirconium, and Rose Gold Ring

meteorite wedding ring

Courtesy of Shane Co.

Meteorite and black zirconium come together to create a modern and unique wedding ring. A thin band of 14K rose gold wraps around its center for elegant appeal.

Price at time of publish: $1,840

Band & Vow The Equinox Ring

meteorite wedding ring

Courtesy of Band & Vow

Crafted with 14K rose gold, a meteorite inlay, and hammered, beveled edges, this ring has a rugged charm. Just remember—this one is made-to-order!

Price at time of publish: $3,600

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