Moving your Workforce to a Virtual Workspace

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Any offices, the world over, are moving to virtual workspaces. Now you may never even have heard of a virtual workspace, or perhaps you are considering making the move, but are unsure as to what is involved. The following article provides you with the info you need to know in relation to this, including some of the features you can look forward to.

What is a Virtual Workspace?

When you think of a virtual workspace, you would be forgiven for imagining your workforce, all with VR headsets donned, sat at their desks, working away! However, this is not what a virtual workspace means. Effectively, a virtual workspace is one where you can access your computer server and internal company systems centrally, somewhat like cloud computing. And the Daddy of these kinds of system undoubtedly, is Citrix.

You may hear the term “VDI” bandied about a little bit in IT circles also, and what this means is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Really what this translates to is that your desktop is running inside of a “virtual” machine, that is on a server. This allows you to get rid of the large PC towers that are under your desks, and can be replaced with mini “Thin Clients” that sit on your desktop. These are about the size of a large external hard drive (say about 5TB), and example of which is the iGel. They are also more reliable than PC towers as they have no fans or drives to fail, and are extremely kind on energy consumption.

Citrix – The King of Virtual Workspace:

You may have heard of Citrix, and may already be using some of their systems in your business already. However, their Workspace Suite is a total solution for business, allowing you to mobilize your workforce like never before. So, for example, if you have more than one office, and some of your staff may be required to move about office to office, they can log into any PC they like, and access their own desktop, no hassles whatsoever. In effect, all that is required is to log into the Citrix app, and there it is, their own desktop appears – all their files, exactly where they were stored originally.

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A Dream For Your IT Department:

The whole setup is insanely easy and when set up, will make life really very easy for your IT Department, who man now remotely access individual PCs, remotely log staff off etc, with extreme ease. They can control individual aspects of access to programs also. For example, if you would prefer for staff not to have access to the Control Panel of the PC, this can be toggled to OFF. The system can also be set up so that each and every staff member has a personalized level of access or non access).

No Longer Tied to a Desk:

The app is also available for mobile, tablet or laptops, so if you need to access your desktop while on the move, or in a remote location, you can access it, when it is needed most. All you will need is a WiFi or 3G / 4G signal, and you are in! Never before has it been as easy and flexible to access all of your content remotely.

A New Level of Security:

Given how easy it is to access your systems from almost any device, anywhere, you would imagine that there may be some glaring security issues surrounding the service. Nothing could be further from the truth with Citrix, who have made sure that the entire app is secure by design. They have ensured that all of your files are secure throughout the entire process, from syncing to access, and everything in between. Again, this is a dream for your IT Department.

Are there Alternatives?

It may seem that Citrix is getting the “hard sell” in this article, but there are alternatives available also, that offer some of the same functionality that is built into Citrix’s offering. One of the better ones is MS remote desktop. This is built off of Citirx technology, that has been licensed from Citrix, so will be instantly familiar should you have already used Citrix. Another great option is VMware View, who’s User Interface is really very attractive and functional. All being said though, Citrix is the best option, as no other offering has the sheer amount of functionality or security as they have.

Swapping To Citrix:

If you are currently using an alternative program and are considering a move over to Citrix, then there could be no better time than now, as there is a special 50% reduction in cost for new customers signing up to Citrix Workspace Suite.

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