Adopting a Managed Print Service

Managed Print Service

If you are like hundreds of thousands of other businesses and companies across the world, the likelihood is that you have a network printer (or maybe more than 1, depending on the size of the business). And another certainty is that you have no doubt noticed how expensive this function is. Between the cost of ink, toner, paper and just general maintenance and repairs costs, this one aspect of computing is most likely the biggest expense on your balance sheet every year. However, changing to a Managed Print Service may help you reduce some of those costs.

What is a Managed Print Service (MPS)?

First of all, these kinds of services are offered up by specialist companies. Your existing printers will be replaced with a new type of printer. These new printers will require each individual using it to sign in (Some also allow sign in via clock in badge), every time they wish to print a document. Now, while that sounds finickey, it is purposely designed this way. The reason for this is accountability, with a view to reducing costs.

It is estimated that the average staff member uses anywhere between 200 & 450 hours per year on unneeded or unnecessary printing activity. That is a serious chunk of time. So, it’s easy to see how savings can be made, immediately. Scale this up for a large workforce, and the time squandered becomes considerable. And that is even before you take the materials cost into consideration.

With a MPS, you will be able to monitor the types of documents being printed on each individual profile, so if there are problem areas that need to be addressed, you can see straight away what is what when it comes to printing.

Getting Started:

Getting started is pretty easy, and there are numerous companies out there that offer these kinds of services. Generally speaking, the first step is where the company will be a consultation stage, where the company will come in and capture information in relation to your printing activities. This is required in order to analyze the results, so that the best solution can then be offered.

From there, the 2d stage involves the rolling out of the technology itself to your business, as well as providing the necessary training to staff as to how to use the new systems (Change management).

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After this, the company can then begin the monitoring of the statistics that are fed back from the machines, that can be used to offer up additional solutions to you in order to further optimize and streamline the entire process for you.


The benefits of a MPS over a traditional printing solution are huge. As already discussed, the cost saving for wasted time are immense. Also, the fact you can trace who may be wasting resources by printing unrequired items, or using color instead of black & white can further help to bring the costs down. But there are even further savings to be had on the Total Cost of Ownership.

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Also, the functionality built into these machines is extremely useful, as they can order toner or ink when supplies start to dwindle, taking this task out of the hands of you or your IT Department. And also, one sign in is all that is required to use any of the printers, in any of your office locations, so you are no longer tied to the one machine to print, nor no longer have to get patched into a different printer if you need to print at a location other than your usual place.

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