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Whether you are a long time user, or relatively new to the application, Excel is a seriously powerful tool for businesses. The sheer level of functionality built in is mind boggling. And while the learning curve is a little steep, do not allow that to defer you from using it. Here, we take a look at some tips that may assist you in using Excel to its full potential.

Free Online Training:

You may not have been aware that it is possible to receive online training courses, entirely for free, for the Excel program. Many education centres the world over charge for this kind of training, but there are several websites out there that offer free training, giving you the very best foot forward. As always, Google is your friend here!

tips for using excel


If you have used Excel before, you will no doubt be aware of how mundane some of the entries required are to make. Inputting information like dates etc can be extremely time consuming, and boring. However, Excel can recognise a pattern in some of your entries, and do this work for you. Simply select the amount of boxes you require entries in. Right click your mouse, and select “Fill Series” – The required info will be completed for you automatically!

Duplicate Data, Multiple Cells, The Easy Way:

If you have loads of data that is identical, and is required in several different places on your Spreadsheet, there is an easy way to do this. Select each cell you require (while holding down Ctrl). When you have selected the last cell required, type in whatever the entry is. Then press Ctrl + Enter. Your info will now have duplicated across all selected cells!

Create Drop Down Menus:

Using drop down menus in your spreadsheets can really tidy up the look of the pages, and it could not be any easier. Just highlight the cell you want the menu to be in, and go to the tab titled Data. Once in there, select Data Validation. Under the “Allow” setting, choose “List”. All you need to do then is create the content of your list. Under the “Source” field, type out your list. Separate each word in the list with a comma. There you go, you have just created a list, in drop down menu format!

Excel is genuinely a wonderful tool for business, and nothing to be afraid of, once you get used to navigating it.

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