The Benefits of Having An Online Presence For Your Business


In todays world, it seem that everything is moving to an online forum. Everything seems to have an online representation, and it is for good reason. Almost everybody in the world has access to the internet, at any time they like, instantly, through their mobile devices. And more and more sales are being made online than ever before. Forecasts predict that this will only increase, and with the current generation of children being born, never knowing a time before the internet and online commerce, now is the best time to get your business online.

Creating A Website:

The first thing you should attempt to do is create a website for your business. Now, if you find the thoughts of doing this too much to bear, there are professionals out there that can do this on your behalf. For a price. You will find that having a website created for you is very expensive. But creating websites these days is far easier than it was in the past. There are no coding, formulas or any of that complicated malarkey that featured in the internet of the past. Websites like WordPress make it extremely simple for you to get up and running.

And YouTube is a great resource for tips and trick also, so make use of this if you run into trouble. And of course, the likelihood is, at first you might. But after you get used to using the various tools at your disposal, you will soon be a dab hand at content creation, and you’ll wonder why you ever considered hiring a website creation professional.

One interesting thing you’ll notice these days is that local business owners are finally seeing the value of being able to drive new leads and customers to their business by actually investing in a proper website design.

website design

Bear in mind that you will also need to purchase the name that you wish to call the website, called a domain name. There are domain registers available; to help you check if the name you want is still available. And you will also need to have a Host in order to get the website actually onto the internet. Hosting is usually a monthly or annual fee, and companies like Hostgator are a great place to get started with. When you put it all together, your website will go live on the internet.

Social Media:

The rise of Social Media has been impossible to ignore, and it is important to have a presence here also. Creating a profile on the likes of Facebook is a lot easier than creating a website, but is not a substitute either. It should be used as a compliment to the website, and as a means of contact. You can use your Facebook page to point users at the website, and vice versa. Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Google + are the names of other Social Media websites that are popular and should be utilised. Signing up for these services is free, so there really is nothing to lose

social media


Blogging is another way you can gain exposure for your business. Blogs (web logs) allow you to write information pertaining to your business, and again, can be used to point to your website and Social Media accounts. You can create a blog for free on sites such as WordPress or Blogger. You can also set up a section in your own website that can contain blogs, should you wish.


Using Online Stores:

You may not be aware that you can use online stores such as Amazon or eBay to sell your products (if this is your line of business). In fact, Amazon makes it extremely easy for you to do business through them. It is up to you if you wish to fulfil the sales yourself, or Amazon can do this on your behalf either. This means Amazon will store, pack and ship the product for you.In fact, many companies these days sell only through Amazon, not having a physical presence in a bricks and mortar building whatsoever.

Monthly subscriptions to sell with Amazon are extremely competitive, and this can be used to build your sales. You can even use Amazon to build a virtual store on your own website, linking to whatever products you wish to appear specifically on your website. Amazon opens up your products to the international market, and you are being exposed to their most loyal customers, through their fulfilment option as these products are eligible to Prime, an Amazon subscription service for customers.

Bringing It All Together:

In order to get your website appearing high on search engine results, you would need to optimise it. This is called Search Engine Optimisation. The rules surrounding what search engines look for tend to change from time to time, so it may be required that you seek out professional help in this regard. However, this is a skill that is very learnable, and there are system tools built into WordPress to assist you with this. A good site that will help you in this regard also is, access to which is free. Again, YouTube is a fantastic resource as well, and should be able to help you out along the way.

Once you have everything set up, and all accounts linked and pointing at each other, you will have created your online presence, and have given your business the very best foot forward for the future, a future that will surely be online. Good luck out there, and take your time getting your bearings. It really is well worth it.

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