Why You Should Consider Having A HR Department in Your Business

hr department

If your business does not already have one, then starting up a HR department for your business is a pretty wise decision to make. Even if your company is relatively small, even assigning one staff member to this function is beneficial, for several reasons. (Obviously, it would be a staff member with the specific training to be able to perform in such a role, that would be assigned!)

Below, we take a look at some of the reasons why a HR Department is a great idea for your business.


HR Departments can look after this aspect of the business for you. All you need to do is outline the specific requirements for the employee sought after, and they can then look after the advertising of the role, assessments of applications, the interviewing process, and every other step involved in hiring the ideal candidate. This saves you or your manager(s) time and effort, to get on with your usual day to day business.

Employee Satisfaction:

HR Departments can act as the ideal go between point for employees and their employers. Potential disputes can be handled far more efficiently, which leads to better resolutions. HR Departments can also lead to better motivated staff, with better moral e levels, as the employee relations are improved.

Training & Professional Development:

Another function you can consider taken care of with a HR Department, is Training and Development. HR Departments can keep track of the training needs of staff, addressing these as they arise, and organising additional courses that may be needed, should there be a change in role for employees, or even a change of business practise. Once again, you have saved considerable time for yourself or manager(s), by having this function delegated to HR.

hr department

Health & Safety:

A major issue in business, having this function taken care of will surely be a major weight off your shoulders. HR Departments can look after this aspect for you, ensuring that Standard Operating Procedures are up to date and adhered to, Safe Systems of Work are in place, risk assessments of the day to day aspects of business are performed, manual handling and other safety courses are provided and many other vital functions. It is a legal requirement in many countries that the Health & Safety code is adhered to , so to have this part of the business taken care of, is worth any additional money you may have to incur in starting up a HR Department in your organisation.

Here’s a 6+ minute YT video explaining a little more about HR department structure:

So, as you can see from the above, it simply makes sense to have a HR Department in your business. Sure, the starting up of the said Department may be a little costly to begin with. However, any costs incurred can be defrayed in the coming months and years, and the above functions covered are merely some of what a HR Department can do for you and your business.

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