Some of the Most Useful Mobile Apps For Business


In the world of today, much of the tasks that were originally done over the phone, or via post are now being done electronically. And these tasks are moving away from the desk, and into people’s pockets, as things go truly mobile.

Here, we look at some of the essential apps that you should consider downloading to your smart phone or tablet.


Dropbox makes the top of our list as it is truly an essential app. Cloud storage at it’s best, Dropbox has a range of apps available for desktop, tablet and mobile, and all of your content is synced seamlessly between the apps. Price is from free for limited storage, and tiers up.


Pocket is a little like Dropbox, but for websites. Again, multiple apps exist across the different range of devices. This app is specifically for webpages however, where you can save pages for again. Pocket presents these pages in a magazine like format, and changes the websites so they are easy to read. So the next time you come across a page that may come in handy again later, simply add it to Pocket!

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Cisco WebEx Meetings:

This app allows you to have meetings wherever you are! Basically, it is a video conferencing app, that allows for up to 3 participants at any one time. You can attach files to your meeting space also, further enhancing this apps usefulness.


A powerful app that helps you to keep track of your bills and expenses, through a series of graphs and reports. You can sync across devices, and this app will also point out potential areas for money saving strategies.


I have detailed Trello in a previous article, and its mobile app is extremely useful as a productivity tool. I can’t recommend this highly enough.


The LinkedIn app acts as a companion to the website, and is useful to have while on the move.

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Social Media:

If you have followed the advice of my previous article regarding the setting up of a Social Media presence for your business, then having some of the apps for these sites is a no brainer, allowing you to respond and post while on the move.

That is just a small few of the most essential apps you should consider installing to your mobile device.

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