Business Card

Although more and more businesses are opting for paperless marketing and advertising, the classicality of the  business card still holds a place in the hearts of many business owners.

Without a business card, you (and your business) are missing out on tons of great marketing opportunities.

Traditionally, business cards are all the same size and color. In today’s world, however, they can be customized which means there’s no reason to hand out a bad business card.

Here are a few tips to keep your business cards looking great and doing their job.

Get creative with functionality.

By this we mean that a business card, despite its importance to your business, has less of an importance to your potential customer.

Your business card will most likely end up crumpled in a pocket or purse eventually.

To ensure the longevity and exposure of your card, make it functional. Give out a card that doubles as a hair clip holder or that can be folded and used a stand for phones and small mobile devices.

Choose your typography carefully.

There’s nothing worse than a hard to read business card. One of the most important aspects of the card is its readability, which can be controlled by the careful selection of typography.

You want to opt for a font that isn’t too hard to read – no curls, swirls, or cursive, and a text size that is at least 8 pts.

Consider making the most important information such as your name a bit larger.

Use your space wisely.

White space, as boring as it seems, serves as a wonderful canvas for business cards.

There’s nothing wrong with a white background, but keep in mind that too much blank white space could be considered an “eye sore”.

Don’t be afraid to use background colors, small graphics, and designs that aren’t too overwhelming. This being said, don’t overcrowd, either.

Include social media handles.

If you use social media to connect with your clients, fans, and potential partners, you should always be searching for ways to direct people to your social media pages.

Business cards are a great way to do this without too much obvious self promotion.

When designing your business cards, use the back of the cards for your social media handles. You can also include any major hashtags that you follow.

Experiment with texture.

To give your business card a fun finish or to make it easier to find when your client is rummaging through a dark purse or briefcase,  consider using a fun texture somewhere on the card.

This doesn’t mean that you have to decorate the entire card with braille-like textures, but it does mean adding a hint of soft, bumpy, or super smooth and silky.

A few great areas to texturize include lettering and the edges of the card.

This will help your card stand out and, as mentioned, will make your card easier to find in a hurry.

Some small businesses may only last a year or two so make sure to be organised with your finances to make sure your business becomes a success.

Below are some tips to help you organise your business:

Compare different bank rates

Finding the right financial institution is very important for your business. You can use websites that compare information on different financial institutions. However banks are always evolving so talking to a banker might be better than using this type of tool. Online banks may offer higher savings as there overhead costs are not as high but they still will encourage you to call in with any queries that they may have.

Try and increase payment options

Anybody can have a credit card reader. Most of them are free but they still have fees that may vary. Try and use a credit card reader that is part of a small business accounting suite that integrates with an accounting system. This gadget is tiny and attaches to your mobile devices. It gives you the option of next-day payment or you can choose to pay as you go or a monthly plan.

Streamline finances

Today there are numerous accounting software to help streamline your finances and to keep them all in the one place. You can easily access this software to see what is in your accounts while checking your savings and investments. This software can also set up a budget or financial goal based on your account information. You can easily view all your information while keeping it in one place, so you don’t have to struggle with your finances anymore.


Gone are the days of sorting stack and stacks of paper, receipts and preparing taxes as there is now new accounting software available today; which is like having your bookkeeper in the office. This software can prepare financial reports, track wages, expenses etc. Some also have a mobile app so you can track cash flow and expenses while also doing invoicing on the go.


You can use an app on you’re smart phone that allows you to scan or take a screenshot of your receipts. This will help you be more organised than stashing all your receipts in a drawer. The app organises your information onto a report with payee, itemised date etc. You can also import this information to a bank account or credit card while exporting reports for tax applications.

Preparing your tax

The reason of using the above tools is to help you streamline your expenses and to keep your finances organised. Organizing all that information prepares you for tax day. Once a year small businesses are required to file a tax return. However other business owners have to pay taxes quarterly. There are accounting programs available for this, but it advised that you work with a tax professional for the first few years that you are in business. There is a program designed for small businesses that provides a tax preparation checklist for when you are organizing your forms for your qualified tax professional.

Many people may not realize this, but the yard is a significant part of a property. Aside from the fact that your outdoor space can shape the impression of visitors and neighbours, there are other environmental and health benefits of a well-maintained lawn.

While a DIY approach may also work, homeowners find hiring a professional for this task much more effective and practical. However, the main challenge here is how to determine which company provides the best landscape services.

There are plenty of certified experts on landscaping in henderson nv or even across the country for that matter, but you should be careful in selecting because there are many which provide mediocre quality of services. To help you decide, below are some factors to consider:

Certifications and Qualifications

If you decide to pay someone to make your outdoor space presentable and functional, you should of course choose the professional with the credentials and certifications. Although landscapers with certifications and licenses cost more compared to those who don’t have the qualifications, the quality of the services that they deliver are far better.

landscaping in nevada

Fully Insured

When making a list of potential companies to hire, it is recommended to ask the service provider right away if they are fully insured and ask for proof before kick starting the project. This will serve as a protection for you and your property in the event of unfortunate circumstances such as property damage and injury. Without insurance, you will be held liable if a landscaper gets injured during the course of the project.

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